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Bashir Group owns several companies for the production of food products and a distribution company and is also the franchisee of the two international brands KFC & Pizza Hut and also owns the Gelato Boutique chain.

The company is owned by Mr. Ibrahim Bashir, who started his career as the founder of Rushdi Food Industries for the production of halva and tahini in partnership with Tami (an Israeli food product) in a partnership to encourage coexistence in 1984, the business started at Um El Fahem, and over time evolved into a partnership with Unilever Global for 20 years , then the company separated and became fully owned by the Bashir family, and from there the path was broken under the leadership of Mr. Abraham who served as the company's CEO to new markets in Israel and abroad, in 2011 the company moved to the new factory which is one of the largest milling and milking factories in the world that markets its products under 3 Leading brands, El-halal and Baracke and Mighty Sesame in the United States.

Two patents are registered in the name of Ibrahim Bashir in the world of grinding, which he developed.

Mr. Ibrahim Bashir



In 2005, Ibrahim received the franchise for the KFC chain for the Arab company in Israel and opened several restaurants, and in 2010 he also received the franchise for the Palestinian Authority for KFC & PIZZA Hut and from there the company progressed to have more than 32 branches today in the Palestinian Authority, the company employs more than 1,200 people and operates its branches in all The Palestinian Authority, and is considered one of the leading and largest companies for the brand.

El-Bustan Salads

In 1994 El-Bustan Company was established in Umm al-Fahm, to become the leading Arab company for producing modern oriental hummus and salads, the business of Bustan Salads began, which focused on the production of chilled salads and hummus and marketed them to the Arab market, in 2022 was the turning point for the Bustan Salads company, who assumed the position of CEO Mr. Aref Bashir, who came with extensive experience in the world of industry and marketing, during 2023 the company doubled itself and grew in a very significant way, also at the beginning of 2023 the Salads El-Bustan company bought the activities of a competing company and brought in new customers.

Today, El-Bustan sells its products in Israel in all the Arab and Jewish sectors and exports its products to France under a private brand.

The company employs more than 35 employees. El-Bustan vision to take the challenge of developing and modernizing traditional Arab cuisine and spread its magic all over the world.


In addition to the group's businesses, the group owns the Al-Andalus Marketing and Distribution Company, and here is a company that markets chilled and dry food products to the Arab and Jewish Israeli market and has a very wide array that specializes in chilled products, the Al-Andalus Company visits more than 1,200 points of sale for the retail market and more than 200 points for the institutional market every week HORECA

The Al-Andalus company is considered an old company with great value and knowledge in the field of sales and marketing. The company employs more than 60 people.

Gelato Boutique

The Gelato company is a chain of ice cream shops and cafes which today operates 5 branches in the Israeli Arab Society and the Palestinian Authority, Gelato specializes in the experience it gives to the consumer, who make the ice cream every morning in the chain's branches, it is considered a prestigious ice cream parlor chain.

The chain employs 60 people in all its branches.


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